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For more than 15 years, Lambda Research Opties, inc. has been a leading manufacturer of Laser Opties with high power thin film coatings and high precision fabrications. Lambda serves a wide range of industries, such as Biotech, Semi-conductor, Industrial, Defense Security industries, just to name a few.
Biotech & Medical
Opties & filters for Spectrophotometry
Optics for Microscopy
Objective Lenses
Opties for Excimer (193nm) laser systems for laser systems.
Laser optics for systems for dermatological, dental & another medical applications
Defense & Security
High power Optics for 1064nm & 1540-1570nm military applications (e.g. Range finders, Target Designators etc.)
Large optics (up to 12" diameter) windows for 3-5µm & 8-20µm, thermal imaging applications
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